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ToeHook is a revolutionary device for goalies.

Welcome to The Revolutionary Hook for Goal Pads

Throw Away Those Laces!
No more inconsistent, messy laces to contend with. ToeHook is the same every time you put it on.

Instant On, Instant Off
Most juniors will be able to attach their pads by themselves. Seniors will find less back and hip strain attaching their pads by using ToeHook.

No Alterations to Most Pads or Skates
ToeHook fits nicely on most pads, using the holes vacated by those messy laces. The elastic extension can be secured to any make of goal or regular skate.

Built to Take a Beating
ToeHook is made of 14-gauge stainless steel to resist bending. It is then coated with nylon to resist friction and wear during use. Heavy Duty elastic cord and tie wraps hold up to a goalie’s best saves.

Stretches to 3.5 Inches
Butterfly goalies to standup goalies will find that the ToeHook stretches only when needed. Great feel and control are there for you, every time you wear the ToeHook.

Buy it Now!
Each package includes
2 ToeHooks, 4 elastic extensions, assorted screws, ties and instructions. Extra elastic extensions are also available.

How to Install the ToeHook

Step One
Slip the Velcro strap through the small loop of the elastic extension. Pull about an inch or so through.

Step Four
Add the cold weather zip tie through the small loop of the elastic extension and secure it tightly on top of the Velcro. Try to keep it centred. Trim the excess zip tie and slide the head back behind the post.

Step Seven
To attach, slide the loop attached to the goal skate, into the Toe Hook and pull down into place. Finish securing the skate and leg pad as usual.

Step Two
Wrap the Velcro tightly around the goal skate front post, fuzzy side out, keeping the elastic extension at the front. Press the Velcro firmly in place.

Step Five
Remove the laces from the toe bridge of the goalie leg pads.


Step Eight
To remove, simply roll the loop over the hook and slide out.

Step Three
Pinch the end of the Velcro and push it through the small loop of the elastic extension. Pull tight and wrap around the post again. Press all the Velcro firmly.

Step Six
With the ToeHook facing upward, line it up with the holes vacated by the laces. Secure the ToeHook with the machine screws and the t-nuts as tight as possible.