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Does the ToeHook
work with sliders?


Yes. The ToeHook works very well with sliders. It actually changes the slider into a toe bridge (with the ToeHook attached) saving you the cost of replacing the slider. The ToeHook does not slide along in the slider but is tightened firmly into a set position. You can even position the ToeHook to any point along the slider that you prefer and tighten it to stay in that position.

Does the ToeHook work
with Bauer RX pads and
Brian “S” series pads?


Yes. There is some tweaking needed with these styles of pads to help make it work. The leather flap on these pads must be firmly attached to the pads (maybe with a piece of skate lace or a pad screw/insert set). Two holes should be appropriately punched or drilled into the centre area of the leather flap and then the ToeHook is attached the same as it is to a toe bridge.

Is there a warranty with
the ToeHook?


Hockey is an intense sport and tough on all equipment. Some goalies play once a week and others six times a week or more. We have had ToeHooks last a full season and still look great. If you feel your ToeHook is defective, please contact us at

Does ToeHook work
with inline skates

Not from what we have seen so far. The problem is attaching the elastic extension to the front of the skate without interfering with the wheels. If anyone has figured out how to adapt the ToeHook to inline skates, we would love to hear your ideas so others can benefit from your experiences.

Some people say it is OK to
use just a piece of waxed
skate lace to attach the elastic extension to the skate instead of using the zip tie and the lace together. Is this a good idea?

You can do whatever you think works best for you. However, the zip tie usage is designed to help hold the elastic extension tighter and keeps it from easily sliding around to the side of the skate. We have found when just a lace is used the elastic extension flops around easily and is more susceptible to abrasive wear.

Can you leave your skates
attached to your pads
when not in use?

It is not recommended. You subject the Toehook to unusual wear and stretching by keeping it attached all the time

Sure. Just try to avoid damaging the nylon coating on the ToeHook. Perhaps a piece of thin cardboard around the flat end of a large screwdriver will do the trick. The ToeHook is 14-gauge steel and it will take a good effort to bend it back.

If the ToeHook should become slightly bent
closed by a hard shot
or goal post collision, can
it be pried back open?